Government & Social Media

So far we have talked about what social media is, growth of the internet, the use of social media worldwide though blogging and the use of social media in business. So now we are going to take a look at the use of Social Media in Government. Social Media has now become such a big […]

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Businesses + Social Media = ?

How can small businesses and non-profits use social media? Small Businesses, Non Profit, in fact most businesses use Social Media. But How? Due to Social Media becoming such a big part of Business these days, it’s no wonder that small businesses are using it to their advantage. From a survey of 1,235 small businesses in […]

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Web, Web, Web

I know what you’re thinking… What are all these different types of web? Well let’s break it down: Web 1.0 This was the first stage of the internet. Web 1.0 was a bunch of sites all linked together, however at this stage there was no interactive feature. Web 1.0 was information based hence why it […]

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Blog about Blogging

What is Blogging? This may seem a little out there. But what is blogging? Before you ask, Yes I understand I’m writing a blog about blogs. But Nonetheless, Blogging is defined as a website containing a writers’ or group of writers own experiences, observations and opinions” by Blogging is a one-to-many form of communication. […]

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Social Media. What is it?

Social Media. What is it? We often hear the term “social media” used around the world today. Social Media is “the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.” and believe it or not, Social Media was around back in 1997. Funnily enough it was what I am taking part […]

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