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What is Blogging?

This may seem a little out there. But what is blogging? Before you ask, Yes I understand I’m writing a blog about blogs. But Nonetheless, Blogging is defined as a website containing a writers’ or group of writers own experiences, observations and opinions” by Blogging is a one-to-many form of communication. Blogs give people a public space where they could post their thoughts for the world to see. Originally, blogging was used as an online journal of some sort. In the 90’s we saw more and more of these online journals appearing.

Nowadays, Blogging has caught up with the times and has grown into a way for material of all sorts can be placed and then open to response from their readers.  People are now able to comment and provide them with feedback as to what they thought of the read. Did they like it? Did they dislike it? We are often also given the option to share the post over multiple different forms of social media.

There are now sites which you can easily create a blog and post for the world to see. Some of these sites include Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and Live Journal.

What is the role of blogging in social media?

Due to blogging being one of the first forms of social media. It is often used as the way for people to express how they feel. Although, blogging doesn’t always look like this one. Micro blogging has also taken the world by storm when twitter was introduced in 2006. Twitter now has 317 Million users according to Omnicore Agency. Microblogging is where a user can make their opinions heard but they are limited to the amount of characters they can use. Its not only twitter that use microblogging. As we can see there are plenty of social media sites that use microblogging. For example Tumblr and of course Facebook.


How is blogging used in Business?

Blogging is widely used around the world. 6.7MM people publish blogs on blogging websites, and another 12MM write blogs using their social networks. Due to this worldwide use of Blogging, businesses can actually use blogging to their advantage. Blogging is a way for businesses to connect with potential customers that may not even know about the business until they read the company blog. It’s an easy way to promote the product that your business is trying to sell and having a business is also a good way to develop a recognised and strong business presence in the marketplace. The good thing about blogging is that companies are able to get their message out into the world in the way THEY want too.

Blogging does not only benefit larger businesses, but it can also affect small businesses in a positive way and help increase customer traffic as small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog. this is a good option for small businesses as it is often a form of Low Cost Advertising. Not to mention it is also a good way to become better known across social media!

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